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Definition of mash:

  1. A mass of mixed ingredients reduced to a soft pulpy state by beating or pressure; a mass of anything in a soft pulpy state. Specifically ( Brewing), ground or bruised malt, or meal of rye, wheat, corn, or other grain ( or a mixture of malt and meal) steeped and stirred in hot water for making the wort.
  2. A mesh.
  3. A mess; trouble.
  4. A mixture of meal or bran and water fed to animals.
  5. To convert into a mash; to reduce to a soft pulpy state by beating or pressure; to bruise; to crush; as, to mash apples in a mill, or potatoes with a pestle. Specifically ( Brewing), to convert, as malt, or malt and meal, into the mash which makes wort.


hale, woo, coquet, jam, brewer, beat out, embrace, fodder, freshen, chat up, bray, dally, labour, labor, toy, butter, bake, coquette, force, grind, home fries, pour out, scranch, pinch, break down, butchery, chip, thrust, splash, bone meal, tweet, wring, crunch, carve, bone, quell, drudge, dog biscuit, fries, travail, squish, munch, cud, help, comminute, scraunch, corn, womanize, chill, trifle, slosh, suppress, moil, forage, demolish, oppress, wedge, French fries, toil, butterfly, compress, stuff, jigger, philander, court, head, feedbag, dawdle, trounce, pressure, flirt, gouge, brewery, squeeze, beat, craunch, blanch, crackle, compact, splosh, cranch, vanquish, infatuation, birdseed, butcher, hee-haw, fishmeal, romance, play, baked potato, jacket potato, microbrewery, squash, smash, latke, contract, shove, press, twinge, quench, shell, crush, draft, grate, womanise, slop, bosom, hug, rack, coerce, crisp, solicit, twitch, constrict, dig, passion, squelch, extort, birdseed, hash browns.

Usage examples: