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Definition of mat:

  1. A fabric of sedge, rushes, flags, husks, straw, hemp, or similar material, used for wiping and cleaning shoes at the door, for covering the floor of a hall or room, and for other purposes.
  2. A name given by coppersmiths to an alloy of copper, tin, iron, etc., usually called white metal.
  3. An ornamental border made of paper, pasterboard, metal, etc., put under the glass which covers a framed picture; as, the mat of a daguerreotype.
  4. Any similar fabric for various uses, as for covering plant houses, putting beneath dishes or lamps on a table, securing rigging from friction, and the like.
  5. Anything growing thickly, or closely interwoven, so as to resemble a mat in form or texture; as, a mat of weeds; a mat of hair.
  6. Cast down; dejected; overthrown; slain.
  7. To cover or lay with mats.
  8. To grow thick together; to become interwoven or felted together like a mat.
  9. To twist, twine, or felt together; to interweave into, or like, a mat; to entangle.


embroil, compressed, unconditional, matt, lethargy, ravel, snarl up, lustrelessness, gym mat, monotonic, matting, dim, place mat, embrangle, categorical, drag, sweep, dull, level, matte up, felt up, knot, monotone, mire, snarl, sweep up, savorless, tousle, sluggishness, lusterlessness, savourless, dishevel, light, felt, master of arts in teaching, two-dimensional, matt-up, two-dimensionality, flavourless, matte, insipid, flatness, plane, embrangle, prostrate, snap, bland, vapid, languor, tangle, phlegm, lackluster, monotonous, drag in, entangle, lusterless, planeness, matted, flavorless, mat up, categoric, flat.

Usage examples: