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Definition of maunder:

  1. A beggar.
  2. To beg.
  3. To mutter; to mumble; to grumble; to speak indistinctly or disconnectedly; to talk incoherently.
  4. To utter in a grumbling manner; to mutter.


click, chit-chat, visit, blabber, drivel, claver, cajole, confabulate, blarney, sing, sweet-talk, mussitate, blab out, babble, jaw, inveigle, confab, ramble, drift, grumble, gabble, murmur, let the cat out of the bag, brattle, deviate, peach, gum, tattle, spill the beans, babble out, chitchat, stray, chatter, talk, mutter, prate, piffle, palaver, shoot the breeze, clack, chew the fat, wheedle, gibber, croak, claver, twaddle, cluck, gossip, chaffer, chat, prattle, coax, mumble, natter, mouth, wander, clatter, gnarl, tittle-tattle, blab.

Usage examples: