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Definition of meal:

  1. A part; a fragment; a portion.
  2. Any substance that is coarsely pulverized like meal, but not granulated.
  3. Grain ( esp. maize, rye, or oats) that is coarsely ground and unbolted; also, a kind of flour made from beans, pease, etc.; sometimes, any flour, esp. if coarse.
  4. The portion of food taken at a particular time for the satisfaction of appetite; the quantity usually taken at one time with the purpose of satisfying hunger; a repast; the act or time of eating a meal; as, the traveler has not eaten a good meal for a week; there was silence during the meal.
  5. To pulverize; as, mealed powder.
  6. To sprinkle with, or as with, meal.


farina, bulgur, bran, nutrition, buckwheat, grain, arrowroot, forage, cooking, eats, collation, refreshment, flour, brunch, fodder, provender, all-purpose flour, table, cereal, mess, nourishment, corn, dish, breakfast bar, bag, buffet, a bite, barbie, BBQ, brown rice, blowout, box lunch, groceries, chow, refection, basmati, cornflakes, menu.

Usage examples: