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Definition of median:

  1. A median line or point.
  2. Being in the middle; running through the middle; as, a median groove.
  3. Situated in the middle; lying in a plane dividing a bilateral animal into right and left halves; - said of unpaired organs and parts; as, median coverts.


divisible, central, common factor, central reservation, cube, normal, orthogonal, indivisible, average, intermediary, mediate, degree, Arabic numeral, bend, even, calculable, arithmetic progression, base, obtuse, modest, mesial, common multiple, camber, edge, annualized, cotangent, cosine, hexadecimal, minute, cloverleaf, perpendicular, decimal, computation, chicane, binary, cube root, oblique, medial, cos, bicycle lane, constant, coefficient, midsize, bike lane, corner, double-digit, connection, median value, carpool lane.

Usage examples: