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Definition of melancholic:

  1. A gloomy state of mind; melancholy.
  2. Given to melancholy; depressed; melancholy; dejected; unhappy.
  3. One affected with a gloomy state of mind.


mournful, joyless, wistful, dysphoric, droopy, low-spirited, down, somber, heavyhearted, miserable, cast down, unhappy, sorry, diminished responsibility, bipolar, sad, low, dispirited, woebegone, bad, downhearted, heartsore, melancholy, demented, crestfallen, gloomy, despondent, wretched, deranged, tristful, heartsick, heavy-hearted, happy, inconsolable, sombre, certifiable, hangdog, desolate, blue, confused, hysterical, brokenhearted, disconsolate, melancholiac, sorrowful, glum, insane, depressed, dejected, forlorn, heartbroken, spiritless, dull, down in the mouth, downcast, mad, woeful, saddened, doleful.

Usage examples: