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Definition of memorize:

  1. To cause to be remembered ; hence, to record.
  2. To commit to memory; to learn by heart.


instruct, learn by rote, short-change, commemorate, scam, defraud, hear, read, get word, record, fix in the memory, determine, get a line, get wind, make memorable, teach, learn, gip, pick up, rook, study, retain, find out, con, memorise, larn, learn by heart, bottle up, give word for word, gyp, acquire, diddle, enshrine, take, memorialize, bear in mind, get down pat, nobble, remember, goldbrick, discover, bunco, mulct, see, swindle, watch, victimize, use mnemonics, check, hornswoggle, treasure up, ascertain.

Usage examples: