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Definition of mention:

  1. A speaking or notice of anything, - usually in a brief or cursory manner. Used especially in the phrase to make mention of.
  2. To make mention of; to speak briefly of; to name.


evoke, lift, have-to doe with, key, identify, advert, instance, mark, comment, arouse, character, list, diagnose, attend, book of facts, invoke, raise, elevate, pertain, keep, call down, keep an eye on, observe, note, extension, find, recognition, detect, hang, describe, summons, denotation, parent, maintain, credit entry, intimate, celebrate, abduce, take down, reference book, give ear, stir, commendation, pay heed, imply, cite, suggest, boot, reference point, honour, call, source, call forth, acknowledgement, watch over, nominate, come to, touch on, computer address, bring up, relate, citation, nurture, naming, consult, remark, respect, key out, refer, allude, deferred payment, insinuate, quote, reference work, get up, reference, acknowledgment, hint, reboot, honorable mention, notice, touch, bear on, summon, make, consultation, concern, point out, character reference, signify, credit rating, follow, credit, take note, specifying, watch, specify, address, put forward, course credit, discover, denote, honor, specific, appoint, rear, constitute, adduce, words, indicate, distinguish, conjure, quotation, conjure up, point, look up, point of reference, abide by, name.

Usage examples: