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Definition of meridian:

  1. A great circle of the sphere passing through the poles of the heavens and the zenith of a given place. It is crossed by the sun at midday.
  2. A great circle on the surface of the earth, passing through the poles and any given place; also, the half of such a circle included between the poles.
  3. Being at, or pertaining to, midday; belonging to, or passing through, the highest point attained by the sun in his diurnal course.
  4. Hence: The highest point, as of success, prosperity, or the like; culmination.
  5. Midday; noon.
  6. Pertaining to the highest point or culmination; as, meridian splendor.


point, fastigium, alternative medicine, noontime, apogee, quality, payoff, the date line, boundary, head, select, crescendo, top of the inning, anesthesia, acme, peak, flower, vertex, the Arctic Circle, upper side, choice, the Antarctic Circle, circus tent, summit meeting, spinning top, aftercare, time, capstone, raising, efflorescence, top, teetotum, whirligig, elevation, extremum, prime, crest, culmination, globe, zenith, the equator, coordinate, prize, acupuncture, apex, summit, superlative, lift, blossom, tiptop, visor, chart, the international date line, high noon, acupuncture, high-water mark, atlas, premier, contour, pinnacle, crown, sum, tip-top, longitude, equatorial, ne plus ultra, eyeshade, high tide, cartography, tip, high, natural elevation, top side, superlative degree, longitudinal, latitude, tallness, big top, aggrandisement, aggrandizement, artificial insemination, cover, altitude, bloom, upside, vizor, round top, stature, line of longitude, anaesthesia, bill, aromatherapy, grid, analgesia, climax, artificial feeding, grid reference, heyday, acupressure, height, flush.

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