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Definition of merriment:

  1. Gayety, with laughter; mirth; frolic.


jeering, delight, revelry, jollification, chuckle, playfulness, peal, joviality, cheer, gleefulness, joy, festival, jollity, tomfoolery, happiness, funeral, laugh, mummery, cackle, jocundity, wake, cheerfulness, gaiety, snicker, festivity, revel, fun, conviviality, laughter, merrymaking, frolic, work, roar, merriness, mirth, blitheness, festiveness, gayness, party, cheeriness, glee, enjoyment, whoopee, jocosity, lightheartedness, titter, reveling, blithesomeness, giggle, mirthfulness, carousal, rejoicing, jocoseness.

Usage examples: