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Definition of miner:

  1. Any of numerous insects which, in the larval state, excavate galleries in the parenchyma of leaves. They are mostly minute moths and dipterous flies.
  2. One who mines; a digger for metals, etc.; one engaged in the business of getting ore, coal, or precious stones, out of the earth; one who digs military mines; as, armies have sappers and miners.
  3. The chattering, or garrulous, honey eater of Australia ( Myzantha garrula).


forty-niner, laborer, digger, silver, dredger, hard-rock geologist, caisson worker, mining engineer, diamond, mineworker, amber, gold panner, coal, desert rat, sourdough, powderman, geological engineer, tarrier, high-grader, placer collier, geologist, pocket hunter, hardrocker, blaster, driller, donkey engineer, prospector, quarry, muckman, mine superintendent mucker, rusher.

Usage examples: