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Definition of minority:

  1. State of being less or small.
  2. The smaller number; - opposed to majority; as, the minority must be ruled by the majority.
  3. The state of being a minor, or under age.


early, minimum, scarcity, anglicize, immaturity, scant, acculturate, assimilate, hairsbreadth, ethnic, scattering, infancy, babyish, full-blooded, law, developmental, only, few, anti-Semitic, accept, nationality, color line, anglophobe, one or two, handful, nonage, opposition, apartheid, sparse, Aryan, color-blind, adolescence, slight, girlhood, acceptance, Brown v. Board of Education, community, ethnic minority, absorption, nation, absorb, the Bakke decision, group, mere, desegregation, childhood, childlike, communal, sprinkling, barely, race, multiracial, development, boyhood, anti-Semite, youth, assimilation, black, little, Black Power, childish.

Usage examples: