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Definition of mint:

  1. A place where money is coined by public authority.
  2. Any place regarded as a source of unlimited supply; the supply itself.
  3. The name of several aromatic labiate plants, mostly of the genus Mentha, yielding odoriferous essential oils by distillation. See Mentha.
  4. To invent; to forge; to fabricate; to fashion.
  5. To make by stamping, as money; to coin; to make and stamp into money.


light upon, hole, multitude, brand-new, lot, stool, muss, bubble gum, rich, punch, bulk, piling, cumulus, masses, stilt, print, push-down stack, passel, freshet, locoweed, strike, cud, mountain, flock, plentitude, model, tidy sum, messiness, good deal, quite a little, jalopy, pot, atomic pile, plug, hit, circumstances, skunk, set, mussiness, discover, come to, down, mess hall, virgin, kitty, slew, shine, sight, move, mold, visual sense, plentifulness, can, circle, portion, flowerpot, center, scratch, whole lot, candy apple, the great unwashed, corporation, impress, chance on, tummy, heap, smoke, view, grass, mill, cardamom, big money, agglomerate, candyfloss, potentiometer, bundle, destiny, run into, band, plenteousness, jackpot, invent, fall upon, cast, chew, trade, volume, commode, potful, spile, fix, luck, megabucks, draw, vision, batch, gage, caboodle, come upon, muckle, hatful, cumulation, black pepper, fortune, work, throne, bargain, toilet, stamp, assume, candy bar, hoi polloi, execute, voltaic pile, devise, big bucks, wealth, mound, potty, come across, nap, kettle of fish, chaw, issue, fate, fold, affect, take, forge, bouquet garni, sess, pristine, rush, mess, fall, plenitude, people, perfect, green goddess, push-down list, bay leaf, crapper, expunge, peck, plenty, strickle, coin, weed, hand, potbelly, span-new, deal, payout, virginal, impinge on, bus, bay window, softwood, create, attain, visual modality, chain reactor, ken, mickle, cayenne pepper, business deal, craft, aniseed, jam, smokestack, survey, galvanic pile, upsurge, windfall, clutch, spate, bunch, pretty penny, great deal, raft, base on, chance upon, mass, pile, troop, push-down storage, surge, candy cane, dope, quid, whole slew, collide with, muddle, happen upon, mount, borage, sens, mint candy, stack, atomic reactor, walk out, push-down store, wad, excise, take up.

Usage examples: