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Definition of minuscule:

  1. A small Roman letter which is neither capital nor uncial; a manuscript written in such letters.
  2. Any very small, minute object.
  3. Of the size and style of minuscules; written in minuscules.


piffling, lowly, niggling, modest, Pygmy, miniscule, peewee, minor, slight, pocket-size, small letter, pintsized, weeny, teensy, midget, picayune, trivial, lower-case letter, teeny, diminutive, pocket-sized, dwarf, humble, miniature, lowercase, small-scale, petty, fiddling, footling, little, low, belittled, teeny-weeny, lilliputian, tiny, pintsize, minute, big, short, small, wee, piddling, teensy-weensy, diminished, minuscular.

Usage examples: