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Definition of miscellanea:

  1. A collection of miscellaneous matters; matters of various kinds.


grab bag, hotchpotch, stew, shuffle, miscellany, montage, concoction, medley, classification, mélange, admixture, omnium-gatherum, diverseness, gumbo, change, variety, sort, collage, clutter, olio, potpourri, salmagundi, olla podrida, rummage, assortment, jungle, crazy quilt, salad, patchwork, hash, jumble, menagerie, mishmash, mixed bag, litter, smorgasbord, pastiche, jambalaya, variety show, agglomeration, patchwork quilt, intermixture, ragout, compartmentalization, welter, gallimaufry, alphabet soup, florilegium, form, macédoine, botch, mixing, categorisation, mix, agglomerate, tumble, muddle, ragbag, diversity, categorization, hodgepodge, garland, commixture, farrago, scramble, multifariousness, mixture, motley, compartmentalisation, kind.

Usage examples: