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Definition of mission:

  1. A course of extraordinary sermons and services at a particular place and time for the special purpose of quickening the faith and zeal participants, and of converting unbelievers.
  2. An assotiation or organization of missionaries; a station or residence of missionaries.
  3. An organization for worship and work, dependent on one or more churches.
  4. Dismission; discharge from service.
  5. Persons sent; any number of persons appointed to perform any service; a delegation; an embassy.
  6. That with which a messenger or agent is charged; an errand; business or duty on which one is sent; a commission.
  7. The act of sending, or the state of being sent; a being sent or delegated by authority, with certain powers for transacting business; comission.
  8. To send on a mission.


commission, military mission, clinic, brief, campaign, tutelage, capsule, representation, desk job, assignment, angelic, care, relegating, detail, purpose, war, blasphemous, city hall, sortie, bearing, dead-end job, consultancy, complaint, cabal, struggle, calling, explosive charge, bang, battle, skirmish, desire, missionary station, electric charge, relegation, article of faith, cosmonaut, blasphemy, pitched battle, delegating, angel, work, delegation, corps, blessing, boot, errand, job, chancellery, combat, kick, way, flush, chore, calling, bursting charge, busywork, assault, bless, legation, deputation, coalition, billing, body, object, Apollo, missionary post, blaspheme, heraldic bearing, guardianship, occupation, board, office, politics, commissioning, post, role, absolution, missionary work, delegacy, business, astronaut, perpetration, consortium, archangel, armorial bearing, guildhall, army, committal, child labor, cover, baby, charge, military commission, burster, accusation, aerospace, foreign mission, civic centre, thrill, booster, courthouse, office block, incursion, direction, Cape Canaveral, rush, day job, blast off, class, consulate, cathexis, operation, communications satellite.

Usage examples: