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Definition of model:

  1. A miniature representation of a thing, with the several parts in due proportion; sometimes, a facsimile of the same size.
  2. A person who poses as a pattern to an artist.
  3. Any copy, or resemblance, more or less exact.
  4. Anything which serves, or may serve, as an example for imitation; as, a government formed on the model of the American constitution; a model of eloquence, virtue, or behavior.
  5. Something intended to serve, or that may serve, as a pattern of something to be made; a material representation or embodiment of an ideal; sometimes, a drawing; a plan; as, the clay model of a sculpture; the inventor's model of a machine.
  6. Suitable to be taken as a model or pattern; as, a model house; a model husband.
  7. That by which a thing is to be measured; standard.
  8. To make a copy or a pattern; to design or imitate forms; as, to model in wax.
  9. To plan or form after a pattern; to form in model; to form a model or pattern for; to shape; to mold; to fashion; as, to model a house or a government; to model an edifice according to the plan delineated.


empirical, posture, story, ride, mildew, criterion, flavor, warning, impersonate, fashion show, amaze, feigning, baffle, generation, role model, object lesson, perplex, tracing, framework, cherub, puzzle, mystify, line, draftsmanship, mold, epitome, place, seat, trial, aesthetic, fashion house, case, exercise, inspiration, house, lesson, watertight, stick, worthy, test, toughie, ideally, sit, description, pretense, vex, profile, put, sit down, quintessential, exemplar, clay sculpture, format, gauge, guide, get, deterrent example, definitive, fashionista, example, rule, beat, phenomenon, design, beau ideal, dumbfound, marvel, principle, base on, composition, forge, flawless, define, poseur, assume, the personification of something, commission, classic, type, sit around, bewilder, delineate, manakin, the sublime, heroine, manikin, transcript, simulate, mirror, sitter, miracle, byproduct, haute couture, portrait, experimental, moulding, version, cutaway, effect, present, exemplify, masterpiece, gravel, baby-sit, tale, original, mock up, photocopy, forgery, lay, pattern, computer simulation, thoroughbred, paint, Goth, perfectly, poser, work, exploded, set forth, flummox, pose, fashion model, theoretical account, feign, exemplary, fashion, couturier, stumper, brand, pin down, mould, create, engraving, textbook, impeccable, good example, imitable, above/beyond reproach, brand name, print, skeleton, homage, reduction, nonplus, casting, legend, mockup, pilot, mannikin, sham, modelling, sticker, stupefy, molding, modeling, set, text, ensample, perfect, position, lineup, collection, characterization, good, derivative, stereotype, set out, cardboard cut-out, exemplification, homunculus, same, personate, basis, catwalk, craft, precedent, regulate, execute, simulation, infallible, mint, determine, pretending, describe, pretence, brand leader, fabric, sketch, relief, paradigmatic, nude, template, dream, commodity, mannequin, end product, touchstone, influence.

Usage examples: