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Definition of modish:

  1. According to the mode, or customary manner; conformed to the fashion; fashionable; hence, conventional; as, a modish dress; a modish feast.


swell, cool, with-it, faddish, popularized, hot, a la mode, smart, au courant, dashing, vogue, trendy, sharp, modernistic, supercool, ahead of your/its etc. time, voguish, contemporary, large, posh, space-age, pop, hip, in style, advanced, usual, happening, tony, snappy, up to the minute, du jour, state-of-the-art, fashionable, swank, swanky, all the rage, trig, exclusive, futuristic, big, classy, crowd-pleasing, fresh, mod, style, in vogue, favorite, chic, red-hot, swish, stylish, faddy, in.

  • stylish (part of speech: adjective)

Usage examples: