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Definition of mogul:

  1. A great personage; magnate; autocrat.
  2. A heavy locomotive for freight traffic, having three pairs of connected driving wheels and a two- wheeled truck.
  3. A person of the Mongolian race.


Allah, Black Muslim, chador, exponent, business leader, mightiness, prince, luge, crescent, magnate, ability, chairlift, mover and shaker, downhill, prime mover, leading light, male monarch, a force to be reckoned with, great power, might, lion, inner-tubing, major power, heliskiing, ayatollah, world-beater, monarch, big businessman, caliphate, royalty, eminence, baron, Napoleon, tycoon, notable, Aspen, captain, powerfulness, binding, cross-country skiing, lord, force, burqa, dervish, world power, VIP, czar, moghul, figure, authority figure, superpower, office, king, caliph, power, index, burka, top executive.

Usage examples: