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Definition of mold:

  1. A spot; a blemish; a mole.


figure out, square off, fake, watch, organise, postage, rove, dramatis personae, regularise, influence, play, throw, contrive, crop, incline, warp, take shape, smut, operate, shell, make up one's mind, bring, cast of characters, spring, tramp, stamp, redact, pottery, retch, project, find out, moulding, surface, learn, fashion, limit, hammer, specify, shed, shape, solve, hurl, vagabond, do work, tempt, puzzle out, casting, vomit up, mildew, function, drift, work on, hurtle, rust, be sick, depression, knead, regularize, take form, fix, roam, model, charm, sit, ascertain, define, cultivate, counterfeit, govern, plaster cast, exploit, regurgitate, pattern, puke, cup, dish, disgorge, image, tender, pestle, mould, settle, baffle, molding, wreak, simulate, cavity, matrix, bow, formulate, drop, description, cat, sour, throw off, throw away, modulate, frame, determine, work out, decide, nature, curve, chuck, throw up, reproduction, act, manner, crook, bend, make for, spew, diverge, mock up, spurt, imprint, fungus, lot, stoop, put to work, lichen, forge, parasite, yield, excogitate, pose, design, devise, run, swan, cast, put, vomit, see, border, group, twine, check, deviate, cast off, act upon, postage stamp, barf, range, die, posture, organize, work, clay sculpture, stray, form, honk, wander, womb, exercise, plaster bandage, purge, square up, couch, go, modelling, find, upchuck, process, spirt, spue, regorge, submit, legal tender, impression, modeling, regulate, constitute, invent, ramble, lick, roll, bias, decay, turn, revenue stamp, twist, deflect, seal, sick, persuade, ferment, core, draw, shake off.

Usage examples: