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Definition of monumental:

  1. Of, pertaining to, or suitable for, a monument; as, a monumental inscription.
  2. Serving as a monument; memorial; preserving memory.


major, Cyclopean, giant, noble, column, august, imposing, wide, national monument, excruciating, elephantine, heroic, pharaonic, oceanic, by the sweat of your brow, utter, such as it is, gigantesque, leviathan, huge, sadly, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, vasty, splendid, bumper, unspeakable, monster, all-out, important, considerable, hard, downright, gigantic, utterly, titanic, supersize, imperial, material, prodigious, concerted, massive, proud, historic, walloping, gargantuan, weighty, high, colossal, vast, flat out, impressive, significant, planetary, cenotaph, Homeric, regal, Brobdingnagian, mountainous, as if your life depends on it, enormous, earthshaking, monolithic, pantheon, immense, galactic, obelisk, meaningful, Himalayan, full bore, super-duper, hopelessly, magnific, memorial, massy, astronomical, grandiose, thorough, gallant, earth-shattering, large, glorious, behemoth, much, whopping, tremendous, mega, substantial, jumbo, stately, mighty, sorry, the National Trust, mammoth, majestic, stupendous, eventful, grand, super, last-ditch, supersized, whacking, Herculean, monument, magnificent, Bunyanesque, great, baronial, momentous, tectonic, cosmic, monstrous, big, painstaking, epic, humongous, royal, mastodonic, king-size, consequential, pythonic.

Usage examples: