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Definition of mop up:

Synonyms for mop up:

home stretch, sink in, murder, shutdown, pout, pull off, complete, strap, crystallise, click, contact, slash, get across, climax, closedown, score, clear up, hit, wind up, shed light on, come through, shoot, beleaguered, battle cry, illuminate, land up, culmination, flog, mow, finish, worst, fetch up, while away, sort out, ending, scald, consummation, apogee, wrap up, finish off, light up, whip, crystalize, whisk, reach, active duty, windup, closure, finish up, penetrate, come home, rack up, conclusion, brighten, come together, tally, crystalise, be able to do something, crystallize, succeed, mop, triumph, welt, call it a day/night, end, bombed-out, pip, shutting, black out, clarify, fall into place, roll up, eliminate, get through, lather, blackout, manage, off, completion, aggressor, trounce, attain, close, wipe up, straighten out, end up, dawn, clean up, cover, polish off, enlighten, lash, active service, accomplish, carry through, bring off, finish with, bump off, defeat, endgame, get hold of, finis, pass completion, conclude, clear, closing, elucidate, capper, come to, remove, grand finale, dispatch, belligerent, eat up, wrap, slay, achieve, blister, air cover.