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Definition of mordant:

  1. Any corroding substance used in etching.
  2. Any sticky matter by which the gold leaf is made to adhere.
  3. Any substance, as alum or copperas, which, having a twofold attraction for organic fibers and coloring matter, serves as a bond of union, and thus gives fixity to, or bites in, the dyes.
  4. Biting; caustic; sarcastic; keen; severe.
  5. Serving to fix colors.
  6. To subject to the action of, or imbue with, a mordant; as, to mordant goods for dyeing.


low, satiric, smutty, sinister, down, virulent, stern, grisly, inexorable, blue, fateful, low-spirited, smart-mouthed, mordacious, unappeasable, calamitous, smuggled, down in the mouth, barbed, accusatory, drab, dim, sorry, disconsolate, dismal, black, pungent, smart-alecky, pitch-black, sick, biting, trenchant, pitch-dark, gloomy, unrelenting, ignominious, grim, dispirited, snarky, macabre, shameful, sulfurous, disgraceful, caustic, opprobrious, bleak, dark, tart, slashing, acidulous, sharp, acerb, relentless, dingy, blistering, acidic, accusing, corrosive, vitriolic, depressed, gruesome, respect, contraband, unforgiving, black-market, attack, truculent, drear, fatal, erosive, forbidding, blackened, acerbic, sharp, smart-aleck, scathing, acrid, sulphurous, dreary, scalding, inglorious, downcast, bitter, sarcastic, cutting, astringent, severe, ad hominem, acid, sardonic, ghastly, disastrous, downhearted, dour, stinging, bootleg.

Usage examples: