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Definition of mountainous:

  1. Full of, or containing, mountains; as, the mountainous country of the Swiss.
  2. Inhabiting mountains.
  3. Large as, or resembling, a mountain; huge; of great bulk; as, a mountainous heap.


rude, Bunyanesque, wild, strange, towering, tremendous, jumbo, unpopulated, difficult, massive, gargantuan, volcanic, untamed, aerial, mountain, whopping, hilly, rocky, large, steep, with mountains, Brobdingnagian, mighty, stupendous, crude, monstrous, solitary, walloping, lofty, craggy, gigantic, heroic, Herculean, elephantine, isolated, mastodonic, elevated, mammoth, gigantesque, immense, colossal, huge, cragged, monster, pythonic, ridged, behemoth, titanic, rugged, enormous, unfamiliar, unsmooth, massy, prodigious, Cyclopean, cliffy, big, upland, uncivilized, giant, rough, vast, barbarous, high, hard to penetrate, highland, monumental, remote.

  • mountainous (part of speech: adjective)

Usage examples: