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Definition of move on:

Synonyms for move on:

pass off, boost, distribute, brighten, go away, go, turn over, try your hand at something, hap, cheer, look forward to, bring forward, parachute, throw out, relegate, treasure, come about, put across, carry on, rejoice, pass on, reach, give, come along, leave, get on, win, post, change over, progress, circulate, kick upstairs, backpedal, happen, elevate, further, raise, march on, encourage, capitulate, draw out, build up, see reason/sense, renounce, live happily ever after, take place, advance, thrive on, route, shape up, come on, send, change your mind, pass around, break with, impart, get along, bundle off, abandon, jump for joy, move with the times, upgrade, keep, strike out, give something a try, rejoice in, promote, get away, adapt, come up, ship, revise, turn your hand to something, continue, build, supercharge, farm out, walk, convert, pass along, gain ground, proceed, be happy for someone, pass, make headway, branch out, get ahead, dispatch, work up, submit, gain, occur, go on, hand, keep going, travel, sample, pack off, communicate, pull ahead, begin, come away, set ahead, change direction/course, go along, fall out, relocate.