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Definition of move over:

Synonyms for move over:

go bad, open, drop, conk out, knuckle under, fail, chip in, founder, give in, turn over, change over, relent, discontinue, crane, flag, generate, bend, bow, grant, break, give something a try, collapse, kick in, pay, cease, let up, ease off, commit, break off, buckle under, make, slacken off, change direction/course, die, impart, crouch, break with, strike out, sacrifice, render, turn your hand to something, stop, concede, try your hand at something, pass on, hand, pause, bestride, quit, double over, check, yield, afford, ease up, break down, consecrate, give, begin, leave, balance, succumb, present, give way, apply, go, throw, burrow, crook, give out, soften, reach, cave in, abandon, contribute, hold, pass, sample, give up, return, fall in, bear, branch out, feed, establish, cower, dedicate, devote, gift, cede, have.