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Definition of mow:

  1. A heap or mass of hay or of sheaves of grain stowed in a barn.
  2. A wry face.
  3. May; can.
  4. of Mow
  5. Same as Mew, a gull.
  6. The place in a barn where hay or grain in the sheaf is stowed.
  7. To cut down, as grass, with a scythe or machine.
  8. To cut down; to cause to fall in rows or masses, as in mowing grass; - with down; as, a discharge of grapeshot mows down whole ranks of men.
  9. To cut grass, etc., with a scythe, or with a machine; to cut grass for hay.
  10. To cut the grass from; as, to mow a meadow.
  11. To lay, as hay or sheaves of grain, in a heap or mass in a barn; to pile and stow away.
  12. To make mouths.


cut back, cut out, trim back, haymow, fell, mop up, brood, push down, reduce, attic, pout, slash, drop, wipe up, strike down, knock down, hayloft, down, sulk, trim down, hay barn, cut down, mop, trim, bring down, pull down, cut.

Usage examples: