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Definition of mud:

  1. Earth and water mixed so as to be soft and adhesive.
  2. To bury in mud.
  3. To make muddy or turbid.


slime, bungle, mishandle, alluvia, grind to a halt, corpse, percolation, ooze, foul up, manure, muck up, bodge, viscidity, earth, spoil, bobble, botch up, brick, silt, bog, screw up, louse up, blow, stickiness, guck, cement, barrage, loam, board, ground, clay, cadaver, fumble, ball up, swamp, clod, remains, axle grease, sludge, bemire, grit, botch, bollocks up, clayeyness, the Great Compromiser, bog down, muck, uproar, bumble, recrimination, bollocks, stiff, caulk, condemnation, faultfinding, bashing, clean, marsh, criticism, muff, mess up, soup, dust, bitumen, disapproval, filth, brownstone, bollix up, aggregate, hardpan, turbidity, fluff, adobe, asbestos, entangle, dirt, censure, get stuck, slush, slop, muddy, muddiness, flub, alluvium, mire, slush, bemire, bollix, boarding.

Usage examples: