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Definition of multiply:

  1. To add ( any given number or quantity) to itself a certain number of times; to find the product of by multiplication; thus 7 multiplied by 8 produces the number 56; to multiply two numbers. See the Note under Multiplication.
  2. To become greater in number; to become numerous.
  3. To increase ( the amount of gold or silver) by the arts of alchemy.
  4. To increase amount of gold or silver by the arts of alchemy.
  5. To increase in extent and influence; to spread.
  6. To increase in number; to make more numerous; to add quantity to.


procreate, rise, cover, couple, project, hype, climb, spawn, pump up, courtship, mushroom, stoke, breeder, propagate, roll up, up, decrease, add to, swell, run up, accelerate, breed, soar, go up, build, produce, aggrandize, breeding, generate, breeding ground, wax, reproduce, gain, balloon, escalate, compound, engender, fertile, repeat, aggregate, supersize, go through the roof, fecund, add up, cube, manifold, reproduction, upsurge, snowball, spread, populate, boom, mount, prove, square, step up, accumulate, estrus, proliferate, asexual reproduction, regurgitate, beef up, appreciate, build up.

Usage examples: