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Definition of museum:

  1. A repository or a collection of natural, scientific, or literary curiosities, or of works of art.


Imperial Academy of Science, archivist, bookmobile, Art Institute, library, picture gallery, art gallery, Athens Archaeological Museum, annals, storehouse, card catalog, National Gallery, Chicago Cleveland Museum of Art Metropolitan Museum of Art, vault, National Gallery of Art Museum, herbarium, Pasadena, zoological park, menagerie, archives, zoo, Museum of Modern Art, London Museo Nazionale, audience, archive, salon, Cairo Louvre, Mexico City Museum of Fine Arts, repository, Rome Museo del Prado, Museum of the American Indian, California, place of exhibition, Leningrad Museo Nacional, Army, Museo Nazionale, botanical garden, treasury, aquarium, Washington Field Museum, American Museum of Natural History, National Museum of Antiquities, accession, Paris British Museum, Naples Vatican Gallery, foundation, Guggenheim Museum, Boston National Air and Space Museum, carrel, New York Huntington Library, zoological garden, Victoria and Albert Museum, hall, depository, Madrid Kaiser Friedrich Museum, Library of Congress, Berlin Rumiantsov Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Orsay, Moscow Hermitage, gallery.

Usage examples: