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Definition of mutilate:

  1. A cetacean, or a sirenian.
  2. Deprived of, or having lost, an important part; mutilated.
  3. Having finlike appendages or flukes instead of legs, as a cetacean.
  4. To cut off or remove a limb or essential part of; to maim; to cripple; to hack; as, to mutilate the body, a statue, etc.
  5. To destroy or remove a material part of, so as to render imperfect; as, to mutilate the orations of Cicero.


off, compartmentalise, compartmentalize, bump off, deflower, spoil, impair, cut off, hit, maul, murder, remove, mangle, vitiate, disfigure, dispatch, cripple, mar, slash, dismember, slay, hurt, cut up, deface, hack, damage, polish off, carve, help, maim.

Usage examples: