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Definition of mutter:

  1. Repressed or obscure utterance.
  2. To sound with a low, rumbling noise.
  3. To utter with imperfect articulations, or with a low voice; as, to mutter threats.
  4. To utter words indistinctly or with a low voice and lips partly closed; esp., to utter indistinct complaints or angry expressions; to grumble; to growl.


grouch, gum, pass, buy the farm, prate, decease, gabble, mussitate, pass away, rumble, blab, maunder, grouse, murmur, happy, complain, conk, mussitation, cash in one's chips, cronk, choke, murmuring, clack, murmuration, growl, go, die, pop off, palaver, gnarl, grunt, piffle, drop dead, tattle, croak, grumble, blabber, expire, grumbling, mumble, twaddle, cardiac murmur, kick the bucket, perish, give-up the ghost, sounds, tittle-tattle, rumbling, sputter, muttering, gibber, exit, prattle, murmur vowel, scold, chatter, heart murmur, snuff it.

Usage examples: