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Definition of mutual:

  1. Possessed, experienced, or done by two or more persons or things at the same time; common; joint; as, mutual happiness; a mutual effort.
  2. Reciprocally acting or related; reciprocally receiving and giving; reciprocally given and received; reciprocal; interchanged; as, a mutual love, advantage, assistance, aversion, etc.


respective, among, multiple, together, the biz, rough-cut, interchangeable, vernacular, united, actuarial, uncouth, convertible, favorable, agreed, usual, give-and-take, adjuster, acquisition, personal, corporate, coarse, correlative, indivisible, agency, conjoint, blue chip, communal, favourable, base, in accord with, undivided, account, pooled, conjunct, general, reciprocative, plebeian, broker, carrier, by mutual/common consent, exchangeable, affiliate, benefit, anchor, actuary, one-sided, uneven, simple, distributed, vulgar, big business, cooperative, group, at one with, collision damage waiver, agent, combined, assurance, public, connect, unwashed, comprehensive, concerted, contributory.

Usage examples: