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Definition of nag:

  1. A paramour; - in contempt.
  2. A small horse; a pony; hence, any horse.
  3. To tease in a petty way; to scold habitually; to annoy; to fret pertinaciously.


jade, denigrate, Arabian, rebuke, political hack, fuss at, bronc, wad, hack, fornicatress, strumpet, nagger, reproach, drag into, carthorse, hacker, Arab, quid, chew, Big Brother, spark plug, literary hack, bloodstock, male plug, pick, pick on, force, reprimand, scold, put down, taskmaster, tear apart, scolder, trollop, chestnut, common scold, praise, pick at, bay, peck, find fault with, bronco, peck at, hoopla, plug, fire hydrant, jade green, carp at, distress, cab, worry, adulteress, blame, loose woman, fireplug, disciplinarian, control freak, hype, henpeck, jadestone, ward-heeler, threaten, hussy, charger, drudge, martinet, unsettle, sparking plug, stopple, stopper, taxi, equine, ballyhoo, concern, remonstrate, alarm, chaw, brumby, steed, deride, hen-peck, slut, cud, autocrat, tyrant, gatekeeper, weigh on, dictator, beak, criticize, taxicab, machine politician, smack, pick up, frighten, hack writer.

Usage examples: