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Definition of nail down:

Synonyms for nail down:

breeze through, map out, cop, pick up, designate, define, resolve, decide, finalize, peg, limit, ensconce, subside, sweep through, specify, orchestrate, assign, descend, pass with flying colors, boom, spur, collar, make up, entice, dissuade, plan, take root, fix, go under, sail through, pin down, apprehend, particularize, get back, fall, narrow down, pinpoint, destine, prevail on, join, organize, determine, clip, stipulate, complete, settle, nail, set, intend, pin up, smash, constringe, settle down, arrest, ace, specialise, reconcile, locate, delineate, delimitate, think ahead, prod, arrange, sink, persuade, constrict, square off, delimit, attach, go down, specialize, encourage, qualify, finalise, adjudicate, steady down, nab, secure, fasten, trap, pin, contract, square up, conciliate, connect, particularise, screw, condition, dream up, draw up, blast, patch up, set apart, narrow, tie, convince, peg down, urge on, root, motivate.