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Definition of naive:

  1. Having native or unaffected simplicity; ingenuous; artless; frank; as, naive manners; a naive person; naive and unsophisticated remarks.


fanciful, fresh, innocent, babe in the woods, childish, harmless, real, uninitiate, unstudied, untaught, unknowing, true, romantic, fleeceable, susceptible, boorish, gullibility, unreserved, green, simpleminded, unsophisticated, inexperienced, artless, uncomplicated, ignorant, dewy-eyed, exploitable, confiding, uninitiated, simple-minded, unprejudiced, wide-eyed, unjaded, simple, aboveboard, forthright, uninstructed, provincial, unfeigned, untried, be unused to (doing) something, spontaneous, easy, credulity, unbiased, crude, unpretending, babe, illiterate, primitive, knowledge, child, truthful, unwary, unworldly, dewy, gullible, deluded, unenlightened, callow, an easy target, jejune, childlike, impartial, aw-shucks, instinctive, wise, immature, untrained, fair, unpretentious, rustic, easily imposed upon, archaic, ingenuous, countrified, rude, unqualified, unsuspicious, dupable, uneducated, uncritical, unskilled, unsuspecting, naif, transparent, impulsive, unpolished, credulous, original, guileless, unschooled.

Usage examples: