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Definition of nap:

  1. A short sleep; a doze; a siesta.
  2. Same as Napoleon, 1, below.
  3. The loops which are cut to make the pile, in velvet.
  4. To be in a careless, secure state.
  5. To have a short sleep; to be drowsy; to doze.
  6. To raise, or put, a nap on.
  7. Woolly or villous surface of felt, cloth, plants, etc.; an external covering of down, of short fine hairs or fibers forming part of the substance of anything, and lying smoothly in one direction; the pile.


mass, siesta, chain reactor, sopor, piling, deal, bundle, galvanic pile, eternal rest, spate, down, great deal, raft, plenty, flock, heap, stack, mess, tooth, fiber, agglomerate, big money, outside, mint, forty winks, peck, catch a wink, sight, muckle, slew, woof, megabucks, cumulus, batch, sleep, slumber, cumulation, voltaic pile, wad, quietus, hatful, mickle, tidy sum, mountain, spile, lot, awareness, wale, ingrain, good deal, passel, big bucks, snooze, pot, cat sleep, mound, atomic pile, stilt, doze, quite a little, eternal sleep, catnap, atomic reactor, short sleep.

Usage examples: