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Definition of nark:

Synonyms for nark:

incommode, tattler, trouble, disoblige, worry, squealer, vex, snitcher, bedevil, discommode, amaze, commove, gravel, put out, tease, bawl out, shake up, fray, annoy, disturb, nonplus, fink, baffle, rat fink, lecture, reprimand, devil, scold, informant, chafe, tattletale, rub, narc, puzzle, mystify, scratch, rile, get at, bait, stick, reach, lambast, excoriate, make, progress to, canary, telltale, rag, jaw, snitch, razz, ride, get to, deep throat, flummox, dress down, nettle, roil, inconvenience oneself, cod, perplex, chew out, dun, chide, have words, torment, reproof, stool pigeon, crucify, copper's nark, take to task, frustrate, lambaste, inconvenience, remonstrate, tantalise, betrayer, narcotics agent, urticate, taunt, call on the carpet, beat, rebuke, whistle-blower, berate, tantalize, raise up, bother, stoolie, dumbfound, agitate, rally, fret, chew up, stupefy, irritate, get, rat, stir up, trounce, gall, pose, call down, bewilder, twit, trouble oneself, access, talebearer.

Usage examples: