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Definition of naughty:

  1. Having little or nothing.
  2. hence, corrupt; wicked.
  3. Mischievous; perverse; froward; guilty of disobedient or improper conduct; as, a naughty child.
  4. Worthless; bad; good for nothing.


red-hot, drab, down, fiendish, blue-blooded, bang, sorry, rich, down in the mouth, immodest, adolescent, wanton, unseemly, blueish, risque, blue, hoary, lively, voluptuous, recalcitrant, cross, luscious, improper, sordid, bunny, depressed, corny, immoral, spicy, badly behaved, drear, unbecoming, roguish, dark, juicy, perverted, preteen, zesty, unruly, savory, good, misbehaving, gentle, spunky, dreary, racy, usual, game, spirited, indecorous, savoury, downhearted, spoilt, aristocratic, spoiled, ungovernable, small, insubordinate, errant, high, puritanic, big, amoral, boo-boo, choo-choo, birdie, study at wicked, refractory, cold, dismal, patrician, gloomy, gritty, prepubescent, bluish, blasphemous, piquant, untoward, contrary, wicked, gamy, off-color, disobedient, deviant, control, full-bodied, mettlesome, unbefitting, cornball, smutty, froward, sexy, dingy, fat, gamey, evil, disconsolate, indelicate, saucy, low, hot, dispirited, profane, downcast, low-spirited, unmanageable, impish, ribald, unethical, jokey, toothsome, bow-wow, puritanical, aristocratical, robust, mischievous, sinful, pubescent, ill-behaved, bad, grim.

Usage examples: