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Definition of navigation:

  1. Ships in general.
  2. The act of navigating; the act of passing on water in ships or other vessels; the state of being navigable.
  3. The management of sails, rudder, etc.; the mechanics of traveling by water; seamanship.
  4. the science or art of conducting ships or vessels from one place to another, including, more especially, the method of determining a ship's position, course, distance passed over, etc., on the surface of the globe, by the principles of geometry and astronomy.


beach, resolution, seafaring, sailing, process of elimination, gliding, the America's Cup, ahoy, the Admiral's Cup, cure, coordinate, solution, cartography, bail out, canoe, berth, chart, anchor, globe, boundary, remedy, grid reference, piloting, pilotage, water travel, way out, heuristics, soaring, grid, boater, glide, atlas, answer, fix, compromise, contour, sailplaning.

  • navigating (part of speech: verb)
    • latitude sailing, 
    • spherical navigation, 
    • plane sailing, 
    • aeronautics
    • great-circle sailing, 
    • sailing against the wind, 
    • coasting, 
    • ocean travel, 
    • island-hopping, 
    • plotting a course, 
    • transatlantic travel, 
    • middle sailing, 
    • transpacific travel, 
    • steerage
    • arctic travel, 
    • seamanship
    • mercator sailing, 
    • shipping
    • aquatics, 
    • voyaging
    • traverse sailing, 
    • transoceanic travel, 
    • yachting
    • parallel sailing, 
    • exploration
    • boating
    • flying
    • travel
  • navigation (part of speech: noun)

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