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Definition of necessarily:

  1. In a necessary manner; by necessity; unavoidably; indispensably.


by its own nature, all the while, hourly, assuredly, constantly, inevasively, no doubt, unavoidably, needs, round-the-clock, positively, at all times, ipso facto, invariably, irresistibly, willy-nilly, ineluctably, importantly, indispensably, exigently, by force, ever, always, certainly, by definition, of necessity, inexorably, of course, significantly, unpreventably, indubitably, without recourse, fundamentally, unquestionably, undeniably, surely, perforce, momentously, undoubtedly, pressingly, inescapably, needfully, cardinally, from within, inevitably, without fail, come what may, as a matter of course.

Usage examples: