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Definition of necessitate:

  1. To make necessary or indispensable; to render unaviolable.
  2. To reduce to the necessity of; to force; to compel.


film, require, take aim, exact, want, get hold of, emphasize, entail, withdraw, contain, hire, choose, pick up, take on, accept, expect, consider, regard, signify, quest, carry, predominate, challenge, invite, hold, subscribe to, strike, bring, guide, collect, pick out, look at, request, command, compel, gather up, claim, postulate, take, figure, necessary, need, get, submit, affect, inquire, lead, drive, bespeak, pack, remove, call for, over, convey, subscribe, direct, warrant, force, involve, fill, coerce, ingest, occupy, shoot, lie at the heart of something, enquire, conduct, deal, ask, make, dominate, engage, posit, learn, matter, loom large, lease, aim, acquire, admit, use up, charter, adopt, bear, read, rent, have, imply, select, take away, assume, take up, come before, take in, demand, train, count, contract, study, contend, consume.

Usage examples: