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Definition of nerve center:

Synonyms for nerve center:

mall, customer services, central, nexus, nub, department, eye, middle, cerebral cortex, nerve centre, kernel, centre, heart and soul, essence, ground zero, sum, pith, brain death, cynosure, substance, marrow, locus, divisional, central nervous system, omphalos, epicenter, focus, gist, shopping mall, heart, cerebellum, midpoint, core, center field, desk, center of attention, base, plaza, back office, centerfield, acquisitions, snapper, departmental, navel, brain, mecca, nucleus, capital, cerebral, shopping center, arm, center, shopping centre, inwardness, centre of attention, division, axis, brainwave, brain damage, branch, brain cell, seat, hub, nitty-gritty, brainstem, meat.