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Definition of niggardly:

  1. In a niggard manner.
  2. Meanly covetous or avarcious in dealing with others; stingy; niggard.


uncharitable, close, tightfisted, greedy, slender, pinchpenny, scrimy, not go far, avaricious, give, study at stingy, pocket money, nominal, thrifty, stinting, economies, grudging, frugal, rapacious, niggard, a red cent, skimp, penurious, ungenerous, economical, tight, parsimonious, pittance, peanuts, subsistence, covetous, cheap, stingy, petty, pin money, chicken feed, sou, exiguous, thrift, chintzy, costive, closefisted, mingy, mean, penny-pinching, careful, light, close-fisted, sordid, pinching, economic, hand-to-mouth, hard-fisted.

Usage examples: