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Definition of nobility:

  1. The quality or state of being noble; superiority of mind or of character; commanding excellence; eminence.
  2. The state of being of high rank or noble birth; patrician dignity; antiquity of family; distinction by rank, station, or title, whether inherited or conferred.
  3. Those who are noble; the collictive body of nobles or titled persons in a stste; the aristocratic and patrician class; the peerage; as, the English nobility.


stupendousness, resplendency, gallantry, peerage, blood, splendour, gorgeousness, grandeur, gloriousness, bravado, courage, flower, gentry, brilliance, charm, charisma, aristocracy, upper class, the upper class, appeal, society, glitz, glamor, glory, the nobility, lure, character, polite company, bravery, gentlefolk, splendidness, upper crust, pluck, daring, gentility, over, gentlewoman, gentleman, magnetism, royalty, resplendence, heroics, blue blood, magnanimousness, splendor, quality, sublimeness, allure, magnificence, nobleness, patriciate, superbness, Brahman, good looks, kin, birth, splendiferousness, noblesse, polite society, nerve.

Usage examples: