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Definition of noisy:

  1. Full of noise.
  2. Making a noise, esp. a loud sound; clamorous; vociferous; turbulent; boisterous; as, the noisy crowd.


showy, swishing, catchy, reedy, flaring, clattery, conspicuous, splashy, striking, clamorous, shouting, whirring, creaky, prominent, shrieking, razzle-dazzle, marked, rip-roaring, stertorous, rackety, clangorous, flashy, creaking, ostentatious, kenspeckle, yelling, clamant, thundering, bawling, pronounced, bodacious, spluttering, garish, vociferous, uproarious, brilliant, clanging, discordant, swank, emphatic, blatant, can't hear yourself think, screaming, screaky, dramatic, droning, remarkable, grabby, buzzing, snapping, dinning, shrill, flamboyant, eye-catching, resounding, clanking, arresting, clattering, crying, crackling, strident, commanding, ear-splitting, banging, bold, cracking, sputtering, screeching, riotous, swishy, glitzy, piercing, howling, wheezy, whining, abuzz, hissing.

Usage examples: