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Definition of nominal:

  1. A name; an appellation.
  2. A nominalist.
  3. A verb formed from a noun.
  4. Existing in name only; not real; as, a nominal difference.
  5. Of or pertaining to a name or names; having to do with the literal meaning of a word; verbal; as, a nominal definition.


mentioned, chicken feed, inconsiderable, tokenish, noun phrase, trifling, measly, named, obvious, suggested, inaccurate, subsistence, minimal, piffling, incorrect, slight, piddling, approximate, wrong, token, theoretical, paltry, formal, piddly, picayune, ablative, stated, peanuts, real, pimping, de minimis, questionable, paper, pittance, pin money, inconsequential, supposed, minute, ostensible, no-account, simple, countable, broadly, approximately, niggling, nominative, titulary, petty, so-called, inexact, Mickey Mouse, uncountable, nominated, nominal phrase, given, low, chicken, meaningless, minimum, unnecessary, a red cent, insignificant, noncount, professed, footling, trivial, roughly, imprecise, singular, not go far, peanut, sing., titular, pocket money, sou, pretended, specified.

Usage examples: