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Definition of nothing:

  1. A cipher; naught.
  2. A thing of no account, value, or note; something irrelevant and impertinent; something of comparative unimportance; utter insignificance; a trifle.
  3. In no degree; not at all; in no wise.
  4. Nonexistence; nonentity; absence of being; nihility; nothingness.
  5. Not anything; no thing ( in the widest sense of the word thing); - opposed to anything and something.


vigour, adjunct, extinction, worthless, postal code, trivia, goose egg, aught, drossy, slide fastener, cryptograph, zipper, nominal, no one, zilch, peanuts, not go far, no, naught, obliteration, detail, not a single, zip fastener, sou, emptiness, triviality, cipher, annihilation, inexistence, vigor, minutiae, nonexistence, inessentials, nonbeing, solitary, not a living soul, oblivion, none, trifle, energy, null, valueless, dead wood, nebbish, inutile, zero, nothingness, nix, no thing, important, no-account, pittance, nowise, a red cent, zippo, secret code, zip, pocket money, nada, shrimp, subsistence, non-issue, nonentity, good-for-nothing, absence, irrelevance, pip-squeak, neither hide nor hair, no-good, zero point, bagatelle, value, noway, nil, cypher, chicken feed, postcode, pin money, nihility, stuff.

Usage examples:

  • Had he nothing to say to her, then?

    - "Aurora the Magnificent", Gertrude Hall.
  • I thought nothing of it.

    - "The Lone Ranche", Captain Mayne Reid.
  • Did you see nothing,- nothing?

    - "Roderick Hudson", Henry James.