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Definition of novitiate:

  1. Hence: Time of probation in a religious house before taking the vows.
  2. One who is going through a novitiate, or period of probation; a novice.
  3. The place where novices live or are trained.
  4. The state of being a novice; time of initiation or instruction in rudiments.


novice, fledgling, babe, origin, tutelage, punk, freshman, amateur, anoint, tyro, cub, tenderfoot, confession, circumcise, rook, beginner, bless, noviciate, virgin, colt, contemplation, initiate, newbie, consecrate, neophyte, celebrant, newcomer, apprentice, recruit, rookie, abecedarian, abecedarian, start, intern, circumcision, tiro, blessing, religion, greenhorn, ceremony.

Usage examples: