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Definition of nugatory:

  1. Of no force; inoperative; ineffectual.
  2. Trifling; vain; futile; insignificant.


null, insignificant, bad, small-fry, trivial, Mickey Mouse, ineffectual, unimportant, pathetic, vain, null and void, unavailing, empty, bootless, inconsiderable, niggling, of no account, inoperative, unprofitable, vapid, nonbinding, void, fruitless, inefficient, unreal, small-minded, nonvalid, defective, inconstant, incidental, foolish, faulty, useless, inadequate, deceitful, pointless, idle, delusive, baseless, worthless, futile, ineffective, petty, measly, profitless, shadowy, important, inconsequential, frivolous, fiddling, abortive, unserviceable, unsatisfying, invalid, purposeless, unsubstantial, visionary.

Usage examples: